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Celebrating the Art of Palestine

The Palestinian Bazaar will feature an array of Artists who use their talented forms of expression to encourage peace and justice for all.


Ghaida Ageel

Ghaida Ageel is a 4th generation Palestinian refugee. She was born in 1996 in Gaza, and at the age of 6 left Gaza for the United Kingdom, where she received her elementary and junior high school education. While in the UK, her work was displayed in several art exhibits. She was also selected to work on a project to construct a sculpture as she created her own piece to show at the Oxford City Official Christmas lightening event (2009) . In 2010 she moved to Canada with her family, and currently lives in Edmonton, where she has continued with many projects and art pursuits as she attends the University of Alberta.


Ahlam & Aditi

Ahlam & Aditi

Ahlam Sadik has a sociology degree from Grant MacEwan University, and is presently pursuing further studies. Aditi Gupta has a psychology degree from the University of Alberta and hopes to continue her studies.

Ahlam and Aditi both began writing poetry from a very young age, and are passionate spoken word poets. They are inspired by issues related to human rights, race,social justice, gender and religion. They have been performing together for 3 years.



Ranya Aldayeh

Ranya Aldayeh"More than Just Art"
Ranya Tawfiq Aldayeh is a Palestinian artist who studied Education with a minor in Fine Arts at the University of Alberta. Ranya, like many Palestinians, dispossessed, was born in Kuwait and came to Canada at the age of six. Since childhood Ranya has had a growing passion for art. She has taken it upon herself to be proactive in educating herself on different mediums, techniques, and styles of art; thus the production of such unique pieces. Ranya has a creative mind and an immaculate knack for customizing pieces to their owners and upon request. Having kept in touch with her own root culture, Ranya has an appreciation for cultural diversity and taste; a globally aware and well rounded individual. This artist grows exponentially on a daily basis due to her perseverance, passion and determination. She gets her inspiration from culture, history, family, and most of all, her beautiful son. A mind filled with masterpiece and hands able to trench concrete, Ranya never ceases to amaze, surprise, and surpass expectations. Website



Fatme Elkadry

Fatme Elkadry

Fatme Elkadry is a first generation Canadian with family roots in Palestine. She is currently studying Political Science at the University of Alberta, and is specifically interested in International Relations. Human rights and social justice are very important to her, and she hopes to someday work for a humanitarian aid organization. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, playing the ukulele, and dabbling in photography.




Zeyad Elladan

Zeyad Elladan

A local freelance photographer with a passion for traveling and photography has recently combined the two. Mainly focusing on cityscapes, Zeyad has a great eye for picking the right angles of his subjects.




Ranya El-Sharkawi

Ranya El-Sharkawi

Ranya is a first generation Canadian with Palestinian roots in Gaza. She is a Political Science Major at the University of Alberta interested in the development of health and education, the rights of Indigenous peoples, international law, and child warfare. She is an active local, global and campus community member with experience volunteering with non-profit organizations, community clubs and student government. Ranya is currently an intern at the John Humphrey Centre for Human Rights and does work with Rotary International and the Canadian Red Cross.




Minister Faust

Minister FaustMinister Faust is a long-time community activist, writer, journalist, broadcaster, public speaker and martial artist in several disciplines.

With more than 25 years of public speaking experience, in front of everything from intimate workshops to TEDx Edmonton to crowds in the tens of thousands, Minister Faust creates the ideal mixture of humourous, wise, technical and inspirational.

Website | Bro-Log | YouTube




Manal Moghrabi

Manal MoghrabiOriginally from Lac La Biche, Manal Moghrabi is in her second year of illustration design at MacEwan University. Manal's passions includes photography, traveling, and exploring different illustration techniques. Her passion for social change and democracy exudes itself through her artwork in many ways.






From her studio in Montreal, Najat El-Taji El-Khairy is now reaching out to reclaim and document Palestinian art by painting it and preserving it on a lasting porcelain surface. Along with Palestinian embroidery paintings, she also paints Olive trees, Arabic calligraphy, and The Tree of Life images. All highly symbolic of generations of Palestinian culture.

Website | Blog



Nadine Saidane

Nadine SaidaneNadine Saidane is a artist and photographer who enjoys creating for the purpose of beauty as well as meaning. Origins in Tunisian have helped her understand the importance of freedom as expressed through all mediums.






Tarabish Collective

Tarabish CollectiveTarabish Collective is a collaborative project between five talented performers living in the Edmonton area. The music interpreted by this group is influenced by various musical traditions from the Middle East as well as contemporary pop culture. Tarabish Collective is comprised of: Jenny Boutros, vocals; Etelka Nyilasi, violin; Andrew Asraelsen , bass; Mazi Jvd, tar and wind instruments;  Kevin Johnson, darbuka. Together, these musicians fuse their diverse musical skills and backgrounds to offer audiences unique sounds and expressions. (Note: for the evening performance,  guest Rex is replacing Kevin Johnson on drums.)



Farah Yassine

Farah Yassine

A Palestinian born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Farah Yassine is a student studying Biology and Psychology at the University of Alberta. When she’s not studying, her attention’s directed towards her drawing, writing and photography. She is especially passionate about singing, and has been performing for family and friends from a young age. Singing is a way for Farah to spread awareness about the Palestinian dispossession, for she believes that in order for people to act, their hearts need to be touched… and what better way to touch one’s heart than with song.





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Celebrating the Cultural Richness of the Palestinian People
March 14, 2015

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